PRIVACY AND SECURITY POLICY internet site is owned by Quales Business Solutions Inc. and is a web site that provides support services to other institutions and individuals, in particular to medium-sized businesses in credit and finance.

This document sets out the confidentiality of your information and the conditions we apply to your use of our services in a safe manner.

1. Acquisition of Personal and Business Data: When you use our services or visit our site, information such as your IP address is automatically obtained, while some personal and commercial information (email address, tax slip, etc.) is shared with you while you use our services.

2. Retention and Sharing of Personal and Commercial Data: Your use and payment shall be kept in accordance with the legal obligations under the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and other legislation and shall not be shared with third parties in accordance with the reason for sharing the information you share with us at the time we use our Services. You can always end your work by sharing your approved work by emailing In the case of service acquisitions, the sales information information by law, together with the registration for 3 (three) years, this information will only be returned to the authorities if required by law and in accordance with the procedures duly authorized by the competent authorities.

3. Use of Cookies and Other Sites Tracking Data: It may be appropriate to place the computer of the cookies or similar tracking data on the site, also called "cookies". Cookies consist of simple text files and do not contain any personal information such as identity and time, and these files are accessed anonymously, such as the time you have been on our site.

4. Data Responsible and Business Partners When you use your Quales Business Solutions Inc. (Mersis No: 0632051671700019) Information: Quales İş Çözümleri A.Ş. to provide, to inform, to request, to provide and produce other services, to find and use services, to locate, to find, to change, to evaluate and present various terms and to be in market research.

5. In accordance with the Protection of Personal Data Act No. 6698; Quales Business Solutions Inc. you have given your consent to allow us to share your name, surname and e-mail address within the scope of our company's business activities for purposes such as being processed and foreseen in the records of company companies. If you have given clear approval, In accordance with Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data; its time,

• To learn whether personalization is being processed,

• Asking for personal information if it is processed,

• To learn whether it is used appropriately for personalized work and purposes,

• Knowing the third parties that are transferred in the country or abroad,

• to correct them in the case of personalized or incomplete work and to inform them of their situation,

• Your personal information is deleted or destroyed and you want to be notified of this by third parties,

• If you are harmed due to the fact that your personal future is committed against the blood,

• We remind you that your rights to request immediate removal from our confirmation and feedback system are reserved.

6. Security of information; Quales Business Solutions Inc. For the security of your information, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used to provide technical and 256 bit encryption. Technological precautions are taken for the security of your personal information and due care is taken. However, our company has no responsibility for unauthorized access to the contracted system or for the removal of the alteration of the data or for illegal retrieval.

7. Links We do not have any place links, redirects (links, etc.) or attached content liability on our Site.

Please send us your comments, suggestions and complaints about our site and our products to adrese so that we can evaluate and develop it yourself.

This document was last updated on 01.10.2017.