The www.fidost.com website is owned by Quales Business Solutions Inc. and is a web site that provides support services to other institutions and individuals, especially to medium-sized businesses in terms of credit and financing, under the following conditions.

1. To benefit from our services, you can fill out the membership form on our website at www.fidost.com or you can sign up through your designated social media accounts and benefit from our services.

2. Quales; It takes the necessary care and effort to keep the site at www.fidost.com accessible / available, to make the necessary updates and to ensure your benefit.

3. Quales; to increase the diversity of banks and financial institutions involved in the service and to provide the necessary documents for loan application. However, Quales can not be held liable if your financial position and prospects for submitting or submitting a credit proposal for crediting are not subsequently approved.

4. You are entirely responsible for the suitability of all documents and information submitted by us. You agree not to have any liability whatsoever for the documents, information and data submitted, and for any material or moral damages, damages, etc., which may arise out of fact, your criminal responsibility belongs to you.

5. If you personally apply for a bank or financial institution to take over. No responsibility for the cost or duration of the services provided by the qualifications is accepted.

6. Banks and financial institutions with which we can give credit for your request due to our contracting organizations will create a selected list. From this list you can select the organizations you want and leave out the services you wish.

7. For any reason (such as a software bug, update, etc.) caused by Quales, the Qualifications will try hard to resolve the problem / issue as soon as possible and not to prevent you from using the service. However, in the event of technical inability to use the service, no claim can be made from Quales.

8. There are those who are involved in the coercive reasons mentioned in the Code of Obligations!

o Downtime and failures due to the nature of the infrastructure or the electrical system in the internet networks and in the server,

o Changes occurring in the legislation or the Internet / or Turkey by blocking access to courts or administrative bodies or limitations that may affect the decisions taken by the infrastructure of the platform,

o Decisions or legislative changes made by the BDDK.

9. In case of disputes conditioned on the purchase of services, the Full Records, Correspondence and Other Records and H.M.K. Article 193 shall be binding, binding and conclusive evidence, which is a Contingency Contract.

10. In the event of any dispute arising out of this contract, the consumer may apply to the arbitral tribunal if the person is located in the district or governor's office.

11. You have only the right to use the personal information on our internet site and all intellectual property products on the site (except where explicitly stated copyrighted works are being transferred).

12. Excerpt from the contents on our site; to stay within reasonable limits and to provide links to my site regarding the source and related content. The provisions of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works are reserved.

13. It is presumed that you fully accept all of the above rules as long as you are on the site or use the site.

14. Your use of the Site may be prevented if you act in contradiction to this rule and / or if it is deemed necessary by Quales.

We recommend that you review this page before each use, as Quales has the right to change service fees, service structure and other terms of use without prior notice.

This page was last updated on 01.11.2017.